Ideological thinking involves following certain norms that someone else has developed, or worse, some group of people. Beliefs held by groups tend to become ideologies, and they are not necessarily rational or scientifically validated.
The Icelandic Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries Svandís Svavarsdóttir recently appointed Mr. Ágúst Sigurðsson as director of the new institution Land og skógur (Land and Forests) which will start operation 1 January 2024 with the merger of the Icelandic Forest Service – Skógræktin and the Icelandic Land Reclamation Service – Landgræðslan.
Helga Ösp Jónsdóttir MSc has accepted the post of pathologist at the Icelandic Forest Research, the research division of the Icelandic Forest Service. Nine applications were received for the job.
"Insights" is a new function on the International Carbon Registry website, allowing you to browse through different carbon projects from all around the world that have been registered and put into action. With a textual and graphical presentation, you can familiarise yourself with the projects, amongst them a growing number of Icelandic ones.
With over 5000 scientific abstracts submitted the 26th IUFRO World Congress is the most anticipated congress in the history of the IUFRO. “We are thrilled to see so many abstracts! This makes us very confident that the congress will offer a high-quality scientific program and become a great success”, says Dr. Elena Paoletti, Chair of the Scientific Committee.