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"Insights" is a new function on the International Carbon Registry website, allowing you to browse through different carbon projects from all around the world that have been registered and put into action. With a textual and graphical presentation, you can familiarise yourself with the projects, amongst them a growing number of Icelandic ones.

The International Carbon Registry operates on an international level. Its successful web interface has attracted attention for its inviting presentation of information, describing the benefits entailed with registered carbon projects eligible for international certification.

A recently added function on the website is called "Insights". It allows registered users to examine the carbon projects already registered in the Carbon Registry and monitor their progress. In order to access these pages, you must register as a user on the website and thus gain access to information about the projects that have been launched. You can easily filter the projects by countries, if  you for example wish to check out only the Icelandic ones. This is an open collaboration platform where users themselves add information to their projects, be it photos, videos, text or other. That allows owners of individual carbon projects to maintain an active and up-to-date profile of their projects.

Descriptions of seven Icelandic projects have now entered these "Insights" pages , and quite a few projects are being prepared that will probably show up there in near future.

Author: Pétur Halldórsson