Logo design: Halldór Björn Halldórsson, Graphic Designer

"Skógræktin" is the Icelandic name of The Icelandic Forest Service. This inscription is an inseparable part of the organisation logo. Therefore the round green form of the logo is normally not to be used separately. The horizontal version of the logo is most commonly used but the vertical one is available for use when needed, e.g. where the horizontal logo doesn't fit snugly. The logo is available with an english inscription below the Icelandic one.

The versions below are downloadable as jpg-files. Other formats are available on request. Change of colour is not allowed with two exceptions. The logo in whole can be used black on a white background or vice versa.

For further information or request, please contact us via email: skogur@skogur.is.

Horizontal version:

IFS logo, horizontal

 Horizontal version with the english inscription:

IFS logo, horizontal with english inscription

Vertical version:

IFS Logo, vertical

Vertical version with the english inscription:

IFS Logo, vertical with englis inscription