The Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) is a governmental institution that works with and for the government, but also the public and other interested parties, on the subjects of research, development, consultation and distribution of knowledge within forestry. The institution is also Iceland's representative in forest-related cooperation with other countries. For over a century the IFS has been protecting and expanding the remaining native birchwoods in Iceland as well as executing afforestation projects and growing commercial forests on its lands situated in different locations throughout the country. In recent years, with ever clearer signs of global warming, carbon sequestration has become one of the most important drivers of new afforestation projects in Iceland.

Further information

If you seek general information about forestry in Iceland, we would like to point out the article Forestry in a treeless land, which can be can be found on the right or in corresponding pages under the main menu "Forestry".

If you need specific information, you are welcome to contact our headquarters in Egilsstadir or one of our division chiefs. Contact information can be found on the left.