Interns taking a brake during forest-thinning work in Vaglaskógur North-Iceland. Photo: Pétur HalldórssonThe Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) offers internships for forestry students in Iceland. IFS is a state agency that works with and for the government, the public and other interested parties. Our work includes afforestation projects, carbon sequestration, protection and expansion of native woodlands, research, development, consultation and distribution of knowledge within forestry. Information on Icelandic forests and IFS can be found here

Interns works with members of the IFS on various tasks that vary depending on location and the time of year. This position can involve a combination of field work, assisting forest researchers or trail work.

Intern assisting a scientist on forest inventory work. Photo: Pétur HalldórssonWhat you’ll do

Practical forest work:

  • Our interns are trained in and introduced to practical forest work, ranging from planting, maintaining fences and thinning of young forest to wood processing on small scale, firewood, boardwood et cetera.
  • Work on trail maintenance in the national forest recreational areas might be included in some areas. The IFS has a separate trail-work project running in the Þórsmörk (Thorsmork) area. Applications for that project are promoted on

Research assistant:

  • The IFS Forest Research at Mógilsá offers placements for forest students. The main tasks will be assisting researches on trial work and assessment of older trials. The intern will also have the possibility of assisting researchers on national forests inventory work.

Measuring native birch shrubs in a lava field. Photo: Edda S. Oddsdóttir What you’ll need

We are looking for a motivated and mature self-starter that can work both independently and as a productive team member. To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be a current student enrolled in a relevant undergraduate or graduate programme having a passion and commitment to environmental work and forestry.

We are looking for challenge-seeking participants having some experience of outdoor activities. Iceland’s notoriously changeable weather means that our interns have to be well prepared with warm clothing, sturdy boots and durable waterproof clothing. Due to the strenuous nature of our work and as many of our work sites are in remote locations the participants must be physically fit. It is preferable that interns looking for practical forestry work have already taken a basic chainsaw training.

The internship is for current forestry students and they must be at least 20 years of age. They are responsible for the organising and payment of traveling costs to and from Iceland as well as travel insurance. Once the interns have joined the programme, food and acommodation are provided throughout the placements (including weekends). There is no participation fee.

To Apply

If this exciting opportunity appeals to you, please fill in the application form and you will be contacted by member of our staff.