After weeks of applications and interviews, summer teams for voluntary work in Thórsmörk Nature Reserve area are now finally (just about) ready. Volunteers will be arriving from 18 countries, first groups starting work in May.
Thórsmörk Trail Volunteers have published on their website a series of photos taken last summer by volunteers carrying through diverse trail and land reclamation projects in the nature reserve area. Applications for 2022 placements will open on December 15th.
Despite the challenge of ongoing travel restrictions this summer, the Trailteam Volunteers were able to go ahead with their volunteer projects as planned, doing maintainance and conservation work in the Thórsmörk nature reserve area and surroundings. Applications for voluntary work next summer are open until December 15th.
A representative of the British non-profit organization Mossy Earth was in Iceland the other day to study the protection and reclamation of Icelandic birch forests. Subsequently, an agreement was signed with Skógræktin for the first project funded by Mossy Earth in Iceland, the planting of 50,000 birch plants at Bakkakotsháls in Skorradalur Valley in the spring of 2022.
A group of tree planters from the contractor Gone West has completed a tree planting project, which is probably one of the largest in the history of forestry in Iceland, carried through by one group in the same area. The group planted close to half a million birch seedlings in the area of the Hekla volcano in South Iceland, mainly on a land reclamation site near to Hrauneyjar by the Tungnaá river.