A mini-conference will be held in Iceland 5-7 October 2021 in conjunction with the Final Meeting of the Nordic/Baltic CAR-ES network. Various topics of forest management will be discussed in the context of carbon sequestration, functional biodiversity, water quality and soil quality.
Top-representatives from the Dutch company Land Life Company have been traveling around Iceland in recent days, accompanied by the director and deputy director of the Icelandic Forest Service (IFS). Land Life has now entered into agreements with The Icelandic Forest Service for the restoration of forest land on three locations in Iceland and is interested in collaboration for further projects in the country.
Yggdrasill Carbon is a new, East Icelandic startup company working to promote the opportunity of creating certified carbon units in Icelandic forestry fit for carbon offsetting internationally. The company is currently seeking cooperation with landowners across the country who want to provide land for creating tradeable internationally certified carbon units from afforestation projects.
The Icelandic Forest service has entered into a partnership agreement with Land Life Company for the reforestation of 500 hectares of degraded land over the next two years. Planting is already on the way in two of the three contract areas, Stálpastaðir in Skorradalur West-Iceland and in Thjórsárdalur in the southern part of the country.
An agreement has been signed between One Tree Planted and the Icelandic Forest Service for the planting of 180,000 seedlings on the slopes of the mountain Spákonufell close to the village of Skagaströnd in North-Iceland. The project will be completed in the autumn of 2024. As a result, a diverse recreational forest will grow, benefitting the local community with shelter from cold winds and improving biodiversity and natural cycles.