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Yggdrasill Carbon is a new, East Icelandic startup company working to promote the opportunity of creating certified carbon units in Icelandic forestry fit for carbon offsetting internationally. The company is currently seeking cooperation with landowners across the country who want to provide land for creating tradeable internationally certified carbon units from afforestation projects.

Both Icelandic and foreign companies that have reduced their carbon emissions to a currently possible extent but need solutions to responsably compensate for the rest, are increasingly calling for a transparent and comprehensive system allowing them to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2040. For fulfilling those needs, certified carbon units are the way to go.

Yggdrasill Carbon has now opened a website at There, you can find more information about the company's goals and purpose. Its operations have already begun and the company is now calling for landowners and forest owners for certified carbon sequestration via collaborative afforestation projects. The company is equally looking for interested forest owners who are already working on afforestation projects as well as landowners wanting to initiate new afforestation projects under the aim of sequestering carbon and creating certified carbon units.

The Icelandic Forest Service (IFS) is among the partners of this new startup company. At the farm Óseyri in Stöðvarfjörður East Iceland you will find an example of a project that Yggdrasill has collaborated on with IFS. A report recently published on that project provides a forecast of carbon sequestration in the area, giving a glimpse of the possibilities awaiting your initiative in the mostly treeless Iceland.

Further information on the new startup Yggdrasill Carbon is provided by Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir, project manager at Yggdrasil Carbon. Her email address is

Text: Pétur Halldórsson