Forest pests are a significant threat to boreal forests and forestry. The NordGen Forest conference 2019 will focus on threats posed to Nordic forestry and forest plant production by invasive pest species.
Factors other than increasing winter temperature in Iceland, such as summer available thermal budget for larval growth, may be a limiting factor to the spread of broom moth Ceramica pisi, says in a new report by Icelandic scientists.
Iceland will reach carbon neutrality before the year 2040. This is the ambitious goal set by the government of Iceland in September 2018 when it introduced a new climate action plan to get the nation there.
Forestation activity in Iceland will take a leap this year and it is anticipated close to four million new trees will be planted; which is a million more than last year. Birch, larch, Alaska aspen, lodgepole pine, and Sitka spruce are the trees to be planted in the greatest numbers.
The Icelandic Forst Service