Arnaldsstaðir Birchwoods

In the innermost part of Fljótsdalur valley you will find this remote native birchwood with occasional rowan. A steep hiking trail leads up the hillside to the forest. Certainly worth the endeavor, especially if you want to feel alone in the world.

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Hallormsstaðaskógur Forest

(Camping, 25 km SW of Egilsstaðir)
One of Iceland's biggest forests, originally one of the last big birchwoods in Iceland saved from eradication at the turn of the 20th century. Here you have endless recreation possibilities. The arboretum with a variety of old trees of various species is most certainly worth the visit. A selection of hiking trails and paths, boat rental, horse riding, barbecue facilities and more. The notorious Atlavík creek was formerly a venue of big outdoor summer festivals.

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Jórvík Forest and native scrubland

(22 km NW of Breiðdalsvík)
An abandoned farm with considerable woodlands consisting mostly of native birch shrubs but also a mix of planted conifers. One of the few sites in Iceland with native quaking aspen which is low growing in these harsh conditions.

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